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Date: 3/10/2015      Time: 13:32
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By Farnaz Ghasemi

Arisun Launched in IKCO Tabriz

IKCO launcheded its new pick-up, Arisun, in its subsidiary in Tabriz today in the presence of high ranking officials, IKCO managers and personnel and media people.

 Equipped with two airbags, hydraulic and telescopic steering, AC, folding seats, ABS, and a new audio system, the pick-up can assure a pleasant and safe ride.

Attending the ceremony, Gholamreza Sadeghian, IKCO Tabriz CEO said his company had produced 562,000 sets of Paykan pick-ups, creating 1.5 job opportunities per a car and employing 150,000 personnel.


“With the production capacity of 25 cars per hour, the production volume has doubled this year,” claimed IKCO Tabriz CEO and added, “IKCO Tabriz is supposed to localize this car taking advantage of the local part makers.”

Hashem Yekehzare, IKCO CEO, Yekehzare promised Arisun engine’s to be produced in IDEM Company soon and the required paint shop to be established in IKCO Tabriz by next January, while Charkheshgar Company would turn into a gearbox R&D center.

Presenting a speech regarding the importance of car industry and its role in the existing of many other sub-industries and companies.

“IKCO share from Iran’s market chalked up from 35% last year to 54% this year, and we are determined to produce a noticeable volume of our 2025 target of 1.8 million cars in IKCO Tabriz,” said Yekehzare and added, “we have been able to introduce Samand, Soren, Dena and Runna passenger cars in the past years and we are going to seriously focus on introducing new cars not to lose our market share to Chinese companies.”

“IKCO has started a negotiation with Peugeot Company to establish a 50-50 joint venture company, 30% of the products of which to be exported,” asserted IKCO CEO, mentioning that IKCO would no more be a CKD assembler as it was not economic.

In the meantime, Jabarzade, Tabriz governor congratulated IKCO on the occasion of revealing Arisun pick-up asking officials to allow IKCO Tabriz to work on new projects and roll out new cars.

During this ceremony Arisun project manager, Akhbarzade, elaborated on the design and development of this pick-up and said, “Bardo, the late pick-up produced by IKCO Tabriz will be replaced by Arisun, which is supposed to maintain and boost IKCO’s 62.5 share of light commercial vehicles in Iran’s market.”

Referring to Arisun’s specifics, he explained, “The body will be supplied by the mother company in Tehran and will be assembled in Tabriz. Arisun benefits from a bi-fuel engine sipping both gas and CNG, presenting 830kg and 750kg of cargo room respectively. The CNG tanks are placed under the cargo section, giving it more room compared to other CNG cars. Bumpers are made of composite materials, making it safer in case of car accidents involving pedestrians."

Akhbarzade also stated that the project has brought about 600, 000$ of hard currency saving.


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