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Renault Assessed IKCO as Top-notch Green Delegate

Iran Khodro Industrial Group is granted the "Top-notch Green Delegate" title by Renault Company based on the "00611 Mass-production Audit" program taken place in IKCO.

Renault auditors unexpectedly inspect cars randomly, checking the six main quality parameters concerning the mass-production of Renault cars produced in its partner plants around the world.

However, the results on the quality assurance of the Renault AVES leveling (Alliance Vehicle Evaluation Standard) in IKCO - as one of the two Iranian producers of Renault cars in Iran - levels IKCO as "Green" with green lights turned on in all six audited quality parameters.

It's good to know that IKCO is the only all green delegate of Renault in Iran in the latest assessment that is accomplished annually.

In the meantime, Reports released by Iran Standard & Quality Inspection Co. (ISQI) in May 2017 indicates that the quality rating for the automatic IKCO Tondar sedan is elevated to four stars.

All departments in IKCO are involved in the quality improvement of IKCO products.

Tondar90 - equipped with the automatic gearbox as a Renault vehicle, the high quality of which has turned it into a popular car in Iran - is only produced in IKCO, bringing about four quality stars for this L90 platform based car.

Moreover, IKCO has pursued a consistent approach in the quality improvement of its products with presenting Tondar90 facelift.

It is worth mentioning that the French Renault is one the main partners of the Iranian carmakers, IKCO and Pars Khodro.

Renault also has plans on producing new cars in cooperation with IKCO.

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