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OPCO to Back IKCO Cars to Be Exported

"IKCO's plan for establishing the biggest specialized center of optional extras and equipment for IKCO custom cars will lead to technological boost, job creation and customer satisfaction," claimed OPCO CEO.

Given OPCO's new move to back IKCO export cars with optional extras that match each export market, Keyvan Vaziri announced his company's plan on equipping export cars with these parts.

According to Vaziri one of the tools that a car maker can adopt to boost its share of the market is to pay more attention to optional extras for its cars. Based on this, OPCO will acquire a developmental plan to boost customer satisfaction.

In the meantime, 40 OPCO representatives will open all around the country to present the company's custom parts and services in the least possible time.

OPCO is also going to adopt an approach based on which customers can also choose their custom parts for IKCO car they choose to buy.

"Some of the world's leading car manufacturers have succeeded in the market, focusing on old platform-based cars which receive the latest custom parts," claimed OPCO CEO and asserted, "Customers' need assessments can let OPCO to hand customers, quality custom parts which could be easily differentiated from fake ones."

OPCO installs its optional extras in IKCO production line as well as installing 57 optional extras in its branches in IKCO delivery saloons in Tehran and IKCO after-sales service dealerships around the country. However, OPCO also is going to extend its services to non-IKCO cars as well.

OPCO, IKCO custom car manufacturing company was established to supply IKCO cars with optional extras based on customers' needs in three categories of safety, comfort and beauty.


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