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IKCO Brand to Be Strengthened

Boosting share of IKCO brand cars in IKCO portfolio, diversifying products and producing various models were considered as the company's major developmental approach stated IKCO Deputy CEO in New Product Development and reiterated IKCO would maintain its leadership in Iran's car market.

Referring to IKCO's collaboration with global car makers Kamran Sepehri observed, "Product diversification regarding dimension and price based on IKCO's new platform as well as global car manufacturers' platforms is what IKCO put into consideration in this field."

Samand and Soren have been the very first products of IKCO brand. In recent years, IKCO has added cars like Dena and Runna to its brand portfolio, which has been well received by its customers. The company has now targeted the production of other products on its new platform and thus will strengthen its brand.

Sepehri emphasized, "Boost in domestic production will be a priority in the joint venture with foreign car making companies."

Given the formation of a 10-sided international consortium for designing and developing a platform as an important step taken by IKCO, he opined, "Based on this, 23 IKCO cars in a diverse segmentation of the market will be introduced by 2021, meeting customers' taste."

He also pointed to 2013 as the start of defining product projects and cited, "By upgrading and developing new products and introducing them to the market in 2016 and 2017, IKCO New Product Development Center projects were indeed launched."

In 2016 and 2017, different models including Peugeot 207i equipped with manual or automatic gearboxes, Renault Tonder+, Suzuki Grand Vitara facelift, IKCO Dena+ and Turbocharged IKCO Soren were released.
Sepehri predicted that other new cars, including IKCO Dena+ and Peugeot Pars with automatic gearboxes and Turbocharged Dena+ were among other developed products that would be added to IKCO's product portfolio this year.
"The basis for defining projects are designing and developing new products, using new technologies and new components, as well as applying new standards," IKCO Deputy CEO in NPD claimed and added, "Seven new IKCO brand cars and JV ones will be added to IKCO product portfolio in 2018 and 2019."

Sepehri emphasized the use of modern technologies and new components in IKCO NPD and elaborated, "Our customers tend to drive cars that enjoy automatic gearboxes, and thereby IKCO NPD is soon going to introduce more automated cars to the market."

He also referred to the primary design of electric and hybrid vehicles in cooperation with Sharif and Amir Kabir Universities and ended, "The use of modern technologies with the aim to reduce fuel economy and protect environment is one of IKCO's objectives and several projects to achieve this goal are programmed."


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