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Variety of Products to Be Increased with IKCO’s Brand

The variety of products of Iran Khodro Industrial Group (IKCO) will be increased with the brand of the company.

CEO of Iran Khodro Industrial Group (IKCO) Eng. Hashem Yekezare’ announced the above statement and said: “IKCO will make all its utmost efforts to produce diversified and different products with the higher quality in order to get the lion’s car share both in domestic and regional markets.”

IKCO’s Research Center did not have much activity four years ago due to its reliance on the foreign companies but today, the Research Center of the company is fully operational and has a lot of important projects at hand, he maintained.

Turning to the plans of this leading car manufacturing company for developing its products, he said: “Currently, two platforms have been defined in IKCO. The first platform has been designed in cooperation with France’s Peugeot Company for manufacturing cars as joint venture (JV) while the second platform will be designed based on 10-tier international contract specifically for Iran Khodro Company.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, the chief executive of the company added: “In this consortium, moreover designing platform and new products for IKCO, manufacturing electric and hybrid cards has also been predicted,”
Also, there is a growing trend of electric and hybrid cars’ share in the world gradually, he said, adding: “It should be kept in mind that infrastructures should be provided for the mass production of these types of products. For example, subsidies are considered for consumers of these products and suitable ground should be provided for buyers to purchase electric and hybrid cars.”

“If we move forward strongly in the field of designing and manufacturing product, undoubtedly, we will appear powerful in our negotiations with the foreign companies, otherwise, we cannot success in this field,” he emphasized.

He placed special emphasis on manufacturing high-quality products in order to have high power of negotiations with foreign car manufacturing companies.
The Chief Executive of the company pointed to definition of 724 projects and also implementation of more than 500 qualitative projects on IKCO’s products in recent years and said: “As a result of these projects, we have witnessed improvement in the quality of the company’s products.”

Despite these events, “we are of the opinion that quality of product should be enhanced day by day and there is not an ending point here, he said, adding: “Gaining customers’ satisfaction is the main goal of the company. If we could satisfy our customers on the quality of products, in this way, it can be said that all objectives of the company have been materialized.”

He also pointed to the initial products of Iran Khodro Industrial Group (IKCO) and said: “SAMAND and SOREN passenger cars have been considered as the initial products of IKCO’s brand. In the same direction, the company managed to add other quality cars such as DENA and RUNNA to the basket of its products which have been highly welcomed by clients of the company.”

In the end, CEO of Iran Khodro Industrial Group (IKCO) Eng. Hashem Yekezare’ said: “IKCO is now trying to define other products on its new platform in order to strengthen its brand both in domestic and regional markets.”

It is worth mentioning that IKCO will take giant strides in the current year in order to materialize most of its objectives.

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