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The 17th industrial Armenia Expo with the participation of major industrial companies from Armenia, Russia and Iran opened to the public.

During the opening ceremony, the Minister of Economy of Armenia paid a visit IKCO boot at the exhibition and evaluated the quality of IKCO products presented in this exhibition as high.

Referring to the Armenian automotive market, he emphasized necessary plans were needed to boost IKCO car import.

Iran Khodro Industrial Group showcased its four cars of Dena, Runna, Soren and Arisun, while ISACO (IKCO Spare Parts & After-sales Service Co.) also exhibited the related spare parts.

"IKCO cars enjoy good background in Armenia and consumers comfortably drive these cars in all seasons, especially in winter, while the quality of the cars' parts is also desirable," asserted one of the visitors at this exhibition.

One of the other visitors to IKCO boot pointed to the automated IKCO Dena and its facilities and opined, "Samand customers are pleased with this car and so will be IKCO Dena customers."

It is worth mentioning, Iran Khodro Industrial Group runs an after sales service network, presenting standard services to its customers.

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