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Iran Khodro Prepared to Produce Euro 5 Vehicles

Iran Khodro Industrial Group, enjoying various R&D departments, is prepared to implement the program for the production of vehicles meeting Euro 5 Standard Emission this year.

Referring to the extensive research fulfilled by IKCO in order to reach the government's environmental goals and to produce low-emission vehicles, Hashem Yekehzare stated, "Luckily with the support of Iran's Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, the necessary infrastructure has been set up in the country's largest automaker to produce and introduce wide range of such vehicles."

Given the specific technology and high sensitivity of Euro 5 engines in terms of fuel quality, IKCO CEO opined, "We will introduce these low-emission vehicles to the market when the suitable fuel is distributed around the country."

He also pointed to the last year's cooperation taken place between IKCO and foreign companies, adding that his company sought technology transfer in international partnerships while relying on domestic capacities for vehicle production.

Elaborating on the 10-sided International Contract with major corporations to design and develop a proprietary platform for IKCO vehicles, Yekehzare cited, "In the process of designing the platform, IKCO experts will work closely with foreign partners' experts to fully provide and internalize automotive electronics' knowledge and platform design technology."

IKCO CEO concluded that his Company was determined to continuously improve its vehicles' quality as Iranian products.

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