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Peugeot 301 on Its Way to Iran’s Market

Having got the approval of the most prestigious test centers in Europe in terms vehicle's body and parts, Peugeot 301 is set to be mass produced in the current Iranian calendar year, said the CEO of IKAP Company – the JV between IKCO and Peugeot.

Mohammad Reza Motamed also said over 50 percent of the production process of Peugeot 301 would be carried out in Iran and added localization of the car production is among the main conditions set by Iranian government for the car manufacturers which are willing to enter Iran’s market.

“Accordingly by the end of this Iranian calendar year, 40 percent of IKAP production is set to be carried out by Iranian side,” he noted.

He underlined that at least 150 sets of auto components used in IKAP vehicles are made inside Iran and added Iran began the process of localization of its joint vehicles in 2008 with 21 percent but the figure is expected to reach 40 percent by the end of current Iranian calendar year.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he noted that the production of Peugeot 301 has been localized by 95 and 85 percent in body and engine respectively.

“In overall, Peugeot 301 with 50 percent localization of its parts and components will be soon produced in Iran,” Motamed added.

He noted that IKAP has played a leading role in the thriving of Iranian auto parts manufacturers and noted, "We put our trust in the capabilities of the local parts manufacturers; to this end we have done our best to prepare an appropriate ground for their growth.”

The CEO of IKAP said the production of two new and modern European vehicles in Iran reveal the high capabilities of Iranian auto parts manufactures in localizing the auto industry.

He said Peugeot management has praised Iranian car manufactures for their high quality products and said some of Iranian parts manufacturers working with IKAP have already been invited to Algeria to work with Peugeot’s site there.

“The invitation has come mainly due to their high quality products and competitive prices,” he opined.

He concluded that the Iranian car manufactures are set to either export their products to Algeria or launch a production line in the African country.

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