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Three to Four Quality Stars for 65% of IKCO Vehicles

Given the quality improvement of all products last year, IKCO Deputy CEO in Quality announced that about 65 percent of IKCO vehicles were of the quality levels of 3 to 4.

Mojtaba Ostad Rahimi stated, "This year, comprehensive plans have been developed to improve the quality in production value chain including quality, supply, engineering, process, sales and after-sales services sections."

In this respect, he concluded the company boosted its vehicles' quality due to its production value chain improvement which resulted in more quality stars granted by Iran's Quality and Standard Inspection Co. last year.

"Among other Iranian car makers, IKCO with five 4-star, six 3-star and six 2-star vehicles stands on the top of the list," opined Ostad Rahimi.

Referring to the drop in the negative quality scores of IKCO vehicles last year, he said, "Granted with four quality stars, Peugeot 2008, Suzuki Grand Vitara and the three cars of Renault Tondar 90, Peugeot 207, Tondar 90+ equipped with automatic gearboxes have been chosen as the highest quality cars produced domestically."

He then added, "Automatic Haima S7, IKCO Dena+, DongFeng H30 Cross, IKCO Soren, IKCO Samand, Peugeot Pars and Peugeot 405 have also leveled up in quality last year."

In the meantime, Ostad Rahimi reiterated that the latest state of customer satisfaction - considering 84% of IKCO vehicles - were higher than the average compared to the similar products, according to which, the IQS score also recovered by 23 percent in the previous year.

IKCO Deputy CEO in Quality also cited last year's projects and improvement programs and added, "The total number of 692 vehicle and major investment and infrastructural programs were implemented last year."

According to him, last year, Iran Khodro Industrial Group were also granted the "Top-notch Green Delegate" title by Renault Company based on the "00611 Mass-production Audit" program taken place in IKCO, which is considered as another success achieved by the company.

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