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IKCO Tabriz to Produce 100,000 Vehicles This Year

The CEO of Iran Khodro Tabriz says the site is set to mass produce three Soren models by the end of this Iranian year.

Hamid Hajizadeh Mansour said Tabriz site will mass produce IKCO Soren, its turbocharged model and IKCO Samand LX in the current Iranian year (Mar 21, 2018 to Mar 20, 2019).

 “According to the schedule, Iran Khodro Tabriz will produce 100,000 vehicles this year,” he reiterated, adding the vehicles are expected to be sold through the network of IKCO’s outlets across the country.

Hajizadeh Mansour went on to say that Iran Khodro Tabriz has managed to promote the quality degree of Samand and Soren from one star to two stars.

“The further promotion of the two vehicles’ quality degrees hinges on our production in the current Iranian year,” he claimed.

Touching on IKCO Tabriz’s export plans, he noted the site exported 480 Samand vehicles to Iraq, 96 SKD sets of Samand to Senegal and 117 Samand to Azerbaijan and Armenia last year.

By relaying on its young human resources, he then concluded that IKCO Tabriz has produced over 700,000 vehicles of different models since its establishment.

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